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Why It’s Important For a Small Business To Know It’s Target Market

| Start Up | No Comments
This is the second post in our series of 6 to help you develop a 2-page marketing plan. If you haven’t seen the first one, head over to The Importance…
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The Importance of a Marketing Plan for a Small Business

| Marketing | No Comments
“My idea will conquer the world” – the Importance of a Marketing Plan This is the first of in a series of 6 posts to help you develop a 2-page…
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Instagram 101: How to Build Brand Awareness in 2020

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Instagram has been one of my favourite social media networks since it launched in 2010. Not only because of it’s engaging visual format, but because of its abilities to grow…

Why You Need a Brand For Your Small Business, Not Just a Logo

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‘I don’t need a brand, I already have a logo’ I hear myself shout ‘nooooooooooooh’ inwardly whenever I hear this response from a small business who at our first meeting,…